The many flavors of linux.



If you look up the term “linux” in your search engine you wont get a linux start page where you will be presented a download button. Linux comes in many “packages”. These are the so called distro’s. A distro is composed of the bare linux with GNU or KDE (the things necessary to make your computer work) and some software the composers thought to be important to you. Anyone can make his own distro. If you like to, you can create your own distro too. Just download the bare linux and some software you like to work with. Then redistribute it!

Some of the more popular distro’s are: Mint, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, Mageia (former Mandriva) and Opensuse.

There are more distro’s than these obviously. Most of them specifically designed for one purpose. Like Backtrack, mainly used by hackers.

But if you want to begin, start by checking out the ones on the previously given list. They are popular for a reason. They all stand for user friendly interfaces and easy installation.


Next time I’ll finally get you going with the install of one of my favourite distro’s Ubuntu.

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